Details guesthouse

Guesthouse area available for guests: ground floor about 60 square meters, first floor about 70 square meters.
Ground floor: Hall, combined living room and kitchen of about 30 square meters, a standard toilet and an adapted toilet. The kitchen equipment is very complete.
Upstairs: 3 sleeping rooms. The biggest one (with bathroom “en suite”) has a bed which can be split if necessary, please ask us before arrival. One bedroom has 2 beds for one person, the other one has one bed.  There are wo bath rooms, both with bath, shower and toilet. We have a small badstead available for babies. (Upon request.)
You have free access to our yard where you can walk and sit. Our farm is a rather small farm, however we have some agricultural activities. We grow the usual crops like wheat, barley, corn and sugar beets and we have some cows in the meadow around our yard. Also chickens (with a cock), a  cat and a dog are present and we have (at a safe distance) some cabinets with honey bees. We also have a garden with a very wide variety of vegetables and fruits. We sell some products from our own farm: Marmelade, apple juice, wallnut oil and eggs. And of course we can show you things and try to answer your questions. At the chapter “Hoevelogies” you can see pictures of our guesthouse.
Indoors, in  a  barn,  there are several games available for you, like table tennis, table pool, table football, darts. We have a number of bikes, suitable for all ages. (For free!) You can play petanque if you wish.
We have a small playing ground for the children. You can watch them play while you sit at your own terrace. An inflatable small swimming pool (2 m long) is also available. We have some touristical documentation available. Besides that we have a list of shops and also a list of interesting touristical topics. Both available in the language of the Netherlands and in English.